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San Juan Spanish School

Learn to speak Spanish in real situations with the #1 cultural immersion program in San Juan La Laguna, Lake Atitlán!

7,000+ Students

300+ 5 stars reviews

Authentic approach (All inclusive)

Proven and exclusive method (ACCE)


Why learn Spanish in San Juan Lake Atitlan to visit Guatemala?

Learning to speak a language is a door to a new culture, to a new way of life and at San Juan Spanish School we help you to:

From confusion to clarity: Break the language barrier and communicate with ease.
From uncertainty to confidence: Navigate cities and towns like a local.
From observation to participation: Experience the culture from within, not just as a spectator.
From tourist to traveler: Don’t just visit, live Guatemala & Latin America.

San Juan Spanish School Reviews: what our students says…

San Juan Spanish School’s immersion program transformed how I learn Spanish. Incredibly effective and engaging!

Innovative Program, Effective Learning

Alexander B.

The teachers at San Juan Spanish School are passionate experts. Their personalized approach fast-tracked my learning.

Expert Teachers, Exceptional Attention

Charlotte D.

The cultural and social activities at San Juan Spanish School enriched my learning experience. Unforgettable and fun!

Fun Activities, Dynamic Learning

Michael S.

The accommodation at San Juan Spanish School exceeded my expectations. Comfortable, safe, and perfect for students.

Comfortable Accommodation, Welcoming Atmosphere

Emma T.

Living and learning at San Juan Spanish School was a complete experience: culture, language, and fun all in one.

Total Immersive Experience

Oliver H.

San Juan Spanish School doesn’t just teach Spanish; it transforms lives. A unique educational and cultural experience.

A Transformative Spanish Journey

Rachel K.

How this cultural immersion program works

An unforgettable experience at San Juan Spanish School, San Juan La Laguna, Lake Atitlan!

Learn to speak Spanish in real-life situations

Learn Spanish with a private teacher regardless of your level or if you have never had Spanish classes.

Be a member of a local family

Have a complete experience with one of our mayan families, vegan or vegetarian, wifi, food, and activities waiting for you.

Join the club of exclusive activities

Eat and discover Atitlán like a local. Visit the most important places but also enjoy exclusive activities (included in the program).


San Juan Spanish School: Leading Choice for Immersive Language Mastery!

San Juan Spanish School It is authorized and recognized by the Ministry of Education of Guatemala and the Ministry of Tourism.

San Juan Spanish School excels in Spanish teaching through immersive cultural experiences, blending expert instruction with authentic cultural engagement.


With the San Juan Spanish School’s Immersion program you will be able to:

You will have the clarity to break the language barrier and communicate in Spanish with confidence.
You will eliminate uncertainty and have the confidence to ask questions and navigate cities and towns like a local.
You will go from observation to participation, experiencing the culture from within and not just as a spectator.
You will not be just another tourist, but a traveler who will not limit himself to visiting, but rather living Guatemala and Latin America.

Pricing & options for San Juan Spanish School program.

Choose the best option for you. All package are flexible depends on availability.



15 hours of private lessons
Spanish Starter Kit
All Learning Materials
Travel Starter Kit
Cultural Activities
Certificate or Completion
7 days of Homestay Family
Travel assistance

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20 hours of private Lessons
Spanish Starter Kit
All Learning Materials
Travel Starter Kit
Cultural Activities
7 days of Homestay Family (shared bathroom)
Certificate of Completion
Travel assistance


20 hours of private lessons
Spanish Starter Kit
All Learning Materials
Travel Starter Kit
Cultural Activities
7 days of Homestay Family (private bathroom)
Certificate of Completion​
Travel assistance

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The Spanish Starter Kit includes: All learning materials (Pen, pencils, Notebook, Workbook & worksheets), Wifi, Level Certificate, Coffee bar, Mayan Snacks, Diploma.
About the Spanish Lessons: Private teacher for each student, All Spanish levels (A1-C2), Teachers can speaks English, Conversation club



The Homestay Accommodation includes: 7 nights, private room, private or shared bathroom (it’s on you), 3 meals per day, vegan or vegetarian diet, wifi, great location, activities with the family
About the Homestay: Check in is at any time of the day and check out at 3pm. If you need more time, you can use our luggage storage (at school) for the hours or days you need.



The Starter Travel Kit Includes: The list of weekly activities, Touristic map and a Guatemala souvenir!
About the Activities: Every day and every week we have different activities; outdoor activities and cultural activities. 50% are included!



The school’s amenities are: Coworking with high-speed Wi-Fi, gym, free entry to the San Pedro museum, Cafeteria, luggage storage.

About School Amenities: You can use the school’s amenities from the first day and the cost is included in the package.



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We are committed to ensuring that you have an excellent experience!

If our service is not to your liking or is simply not what you are looking for, you can cancel at any time with no payment!

San Juan Spanish School Immersion Program Reviews

Unlock authentic travel experiences! Dive into our Spanish course reviews and see why travelers worldwide trust us to enhance their journeys. Your next adventure starts here.

San Juan Spanish School program is usually booked weeks in advance and the price may change!

The program is usually booked weeks in advance and the price may change depending on the date and season. Join today, an adventure that will enrich your life!

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